Mobile Apps for Estimating Remodels

A new way to estimate kitchens & bathroom remodels.

Kitchen & Bath Estimator

Our Kitchen & Bath Estimator is ready for use! Use the “Free Trial” link in the menu above to create an account. When finished you can download the app on your phone or tablet for estimating magic!

Estimate in Minutes

“I will get you an estimate in the next day or two” is the phrase losing you clients left and right! But not anymore!

Break Numbers Down Instantly

Give your clients the data points they need before you even leave their house!

Increase Acceptance Rates

Why wait to seal the deal? Drastically increase your estimate acceptance rate!

Better Cashflow

Have down payment funds hitting your bank account before you even make it back to the office!

“We used to think giving an estimate to a customer within 5 days was good. Now I can give the customer an estimate within 5 minutes!”

Next Steps?

1. Fall in Love With the App

Sign up for a free trial of the app (7 days) and instantly fall in love.

2. Discover More $$$

Increase your cashflow and conversion rate using our app.

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Who Are We?

We help contractors because we were contractors!

Ethan McNeil spent years estimating residential remodeling projects while working for his brother-in-law, Trent Keith.

They both felt the frustration of software systems that didn’t accurately estimate costs. Not to mention the huge learning curve associated with them and the hassle of teaching estimating to new hires!

That’s when they came up with the idea for an estimating app. A simple, question based app that could produce accurate estimates in a matter of minutes. The app didn’t just simplify the estimating process, it turned it upside down.

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